Drag It Out (iOS - Android)

Drag It Out it's a new arcade game that does not require any complex skills.
The purpose of the game is to drag the arrow to its corresponding color. 
How fast can you do it without dragging it to the wrong color?

Memorice get's now even better! This is a 1 - 4 player game. With custom mode you can create your own memorice, choose either taking a new photo or selecting an existing one from the library and add it to the game. 

Master of patterns is a new mental game where the speed and mind performance are the key to success. 

With the application of "Contactos Mom" you can call anyone you want with the touch of a button. 

Can you collect the points by moving around the area without touching the walls or enemy blocks?

Nomophobia offers the user not only a life-improving and motivational
program but a healthy and mind-nourishing way of entertainment.

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